WARNING! VICIOUS, VIOLENT, DEADLY LUNATIC WOMAN!!!! I was at the RED LIGHT at George Bush access road and Jupiter in the right turn lane and this bitch came up behind me and almost RAMMED me!!! Then she started "hopping" the van like she was going SHOVE me off the road!!! When I was able to turn onto Jupiter road, she RODE MY REAR BUMPER thru the turn and onto Jupiter!!! Almost hit me three times RIDING MY REAR BUMPER down Jupiter!!! When I was coming to the red light at Jupiter and Plano Pkwy, this MURDEROUS LUNATIC BITCH HARD JERKED that van over into the right lane and almost rammed the vehicle that was over there off the road WHILE RIDING HER BRAKES JERKING OVER INTO THAT LANE STOPPING AT A RED LIGHT!!! All of which I was told is a FELONY in this state, but I sure as hell didn't see any damned lazy assed police after HER deranged ass!!!! Then when she stopped behind the vehicle that was at the red light in the right lane she started "hopping" her van again and literally came within an inch or two of hopping that van ONTO the rear bumper of the car in front of her!!!! And then when the light turned green she hopped the van again.....and would have hit the vehicle if they hadn't have pulled forward!!!! Then she RODE THEIR REAR BUMPER until she finally turned off the road!!! EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, VIOLENT, PSYCHOTICALLY DERANGED LUNATIC BITCH!!! I sure as hell feel sorry for the animals that get "rescued" by this deranged lunatic!!!!
Feb 23, 2019 - Texas, United States