Car being driven was dark blue Mercedes C 300 with bright yellow and blue New York tags. First off, the tags stand out since it looks nothing like a WV tag, and the car stands out since Weston, WV is a small poor town and most citizens cant afford a car, let alone a Mercedes. Driver nearly rear ended me just past Weston Police Department in Weston, WV while we were in a 25 mph zone heading Westbound on US Hwy 33 W also known as W 2nd St. The driver continued to driver extremely close to my rear bumper for approximately a half mile before cutting into the turning only lane in front of Wilson Carpet store and apartment building. Once in the turning only lane driver began to pass me at a high rate of speed, slowing down beside my driver's window only to yell and shake his fist at me before speeding up once again. Driver then flipped me the middle finger as he cut me off while in the middle of an intersection. Driver continued to flip me off for approximately 1 mile until the speed limit increased to 35 mph, mind that I am at least 5 or more car lengths behind him. At that point, the driver had to slam his brakes to avoid hitting yet another car in front of him. He continued the exact same behavior with the other driver for several miles. We even passed a WV State Police cruiser at Mountaineer Mart whom blatantly ignored the reckless driver. The reckless driver ended up being stuck behind the car in front of him since they were both turning left to take the road to William R. Sharpe State Hospital...a mental hospital that does not treat emergencies since that hospital is at the bottom of the hill and slightly further up the road. The only reason I could come up with for the drivers behavior is that he was late for work since the incident occurred between 8am and 8:15am.
Nov 08, 2018 - New York, United States